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CES Unveiling
Shoot It, Store It, Sell It Discussed at OWC Booth During CES
CES Unveiling
In addition to a family of new USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt 2 storage solutions, OWC will highlight several educational sessions in the booth on how people can leverage and maximize their filmmaking activities. Read More

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Business Issues:
Content Insider #347 - Moviola
Content Insider #347 - Moviola
Moviola was an early tool used to produce/edit films. It's faster, easier, cheaper today with advanced M&E cinematography solutions, techniques. Just ask the Cloud folks. Different story when you talk to the folks behind the camera and in front of the screen. The pressure is still on to do it faster, better, do it/save it once, keep it safe. The better/lower cost gear and solutions have helped a new breed of pro turn their ideas into visual reality for the world to enjoy. But some things remain the same - lots of talent/patience, no free time, loads of local storage (flash, HD). Read More
Q&A With Larry O'Connor - Founder/CEO of Other World Computing
Q&A With Larry O'Connor - Founder/CEO of Other World Computing
We discuss with Other World Computing Founder and CEO Larry O'Connor the issues with memory and storage as the need for larger and faster memory and storage devices explodes. The difference between 4k imagry and HD or NTSC is stunning. So too is the difference in storage needs. From desktop to broadcast, from consumer devices to game development, the need for speed and capacity is becoming insatiable. Read More
Case Study:
Between College, Real World There's 4K Intramural
Between College, Real World There's 4K Intramural
Independent filmmakers are finding it much more affordable today to produce a crowd pleasing film -- low-cost 4K, 5K camera, economic Mac/PC production systems, cloud creative tools, reasonably priced high capacity storage. Of course it also requires a whole lot of talent and that magic something. They all came togetther for the production of Intramural and they're racking up lots of recognition. Read More
Xbox One Getting External Hard Drive Support In June Update
Xbox One Getting External Hard Drive Support In June Update
Xbox One will receive support for external hard drives in an upcoming June update. The update allows for support of USB 3.0 drives of at least 256 GB or larger, and youll be able to transfer full games, DLC and apps to the storage device, and take them to another Xbox One to play. Who says you cant share digital downloads? The update will give the Xbox One a feature Sony's PS4 lacks. Currently, the PS4 does not have external hard drive support, but you can upgrade the internal HDD with one of your own choosing, which is something not possible on Xbox One. Read More
Case Study:
Fast, Reliable Storage
Fast, Reliable Storage
In one of the still unforgiving areas of the country where people still ride the range and deal with the harsh realities of mother nature, we captured three days of video on a project which will ultimately be a documentary of the old west in modern times. Read More

For the Photographer
For the new photographer, or old photographer in your life.  A great present to give this holiday season, or any time, is something to help Read More
New Digital Juice
Digital Juice Unlimited Resources to match your creativity Read More
Photoshop Update with Libraries
If you haven't read the latest about your CreativeCloud updates, Photoshop has included the ability share libraries with other CreativeCloud frien Read More
The Foundry`s Mischief 4min Review
Here's my 4 minute review after a first look at the software. Seriously - in 2 minutes, you'll be comfortable with the software.  Why?  Becau Read More
the foundry`s mischief
Geez.  I know NUKE, MODO, and MARI.  I'm guessing if you're reading this, chances are that you do too. The Foundry - for me - started out a Read More

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Business Issues:
No Instant Success No Instant Success - Success is All about Managing Failure
Business Issues:
Content Insider - Video Storage Content Insider - Video Storage - Meeting Today's Cinematography Ballooning Needs
Featured News:
M&E Realities M&E Realities - The Realities of Media & Entertainment Workflow, Storage Explored at Flash Conference


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