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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow By Miles Weston Documents can be replaced. Reports can be replaced. Personal, professional, family videotapes can't be replaced when they go bad. Videographers and consumers need to save the content to archival DVD before the moments, memories disappear. ...Read More »
Protecting, Caring For, Sharing Personal, Family Moments, Memories By Miles Weston Nothing is more critical to people than photos and videos of friends and family. Hard drives shouldn't crash. Errors shouldn't happen. But they do. Good media and a little attention can protect your moments, your memories...forever. ...Read More »
Part 20: Sharing Printers And Peripherals (Windows & Mac) By Jeff Van West and Garrick Chow Part 20: Sharing Printers And Peripherals (Windows & Mac) - Do you have more than one computer in your home or small office? If you do, you need a network! Using the network, you can share a single internet connection between all your computers, transfer files with a few mouse-clicks rather than a pile of floppy disks, and work wirelessly with your laptop from anywhere in the room. You can also use your network for sharing printers, playing music, and vanquishing the enemy in multi-player online games. ...Read More »
Don't Throw Away Those Old Hard Disks! By Charlie White Do you have any old hard disks lying around gathering dust? If so, we've found a good use for them. You can either turn a disk into a FireWire or USB 2.0 drive, or you can put it in an enclosure that lets it act as network attached storage (NAS). So don't throw those old hard disks away, at least not until you've read about how easy it is to dress them up in a brand new enclosure. Using the ADS Dual-Link Drive Kit, as well as the ADS NAS Drive Kit, we turned lemons into lemonade. ...Read More »
Take Control of Your PVR/DVR Recordings Do you record your favorite broadcast or cable shows and wish you had access to them whenever or wherever you wanted to use them? Are you running out of disk space because your digital video recordings are so large? ...Read More »
The Mac Entertainment Hub, Part 1 By Dave Nagel Try this experiment: Head into the home theater department of your friendly, local electronics retailer, and tell the salesman you want to build a surround system around your computer. Observe the stunned expression, the eyes losing contact, the grimace of pity, the upturned palms in preface to the inevitable question: "Why would you want to do that?" But, of course, it's you who should be feeling the pity because, as our experiment has proved, this salesman doesn't have a Mac. If he did, he wouldn't even be asking you the question. ...Read More »
Setting Up for DTS Playback on the Mac By Dave Nagel Apple's DVD Studio Pro 3 now includes the ability to import DTS audio into your projects, but there's one problem. With no DTS decoder currently available for the Mac, you can't simply preview your DTS audio within Simulator, so you're stuck building your project before you can even hear your sound. But you don't have to waste your DVD media (and time) burning projects to disc. Rather, with a few little software tricks and the help of a digital receiver, you can play your DTS DVDs right out of your Mac from your hard drive with Apple's built-in DVD Player software. ...Read More »
Tape Logging on a Shoestring By David Hague Logging the separate clips on a single tape or bunch of tapes is often overlooked as being too hard. Here is a simple solution. For the amateur video maker, one of the most difficult - but least talked about - aspects is that of workflow. Once you have hours and hours of footage on tape, just what is the best method to get those killer shots into the final output? Here is a simple solution. ...Read More »
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